Jacob Authement

Jacob Authement

Political Science PhD Candidate

University of Missouri


Hi! First things first, it’s pronounced “Oh-Tee-Mon.” Please, just call me Jacob.

I am a political science PhD candidate at the Harry S Truman School of Government & Public Affairs at the University of Missouri. Before moving to Missouri, I recieved my BA in Political Science from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (Geaux Cajuns!). Professionally, my research interests include American state politics, American political institutions, interest groups, and legislative expertise. My dissertation research focuses on the procedural expertise state legislatures, committees, and legislators accrue through time and how (or if) they replace this expertise in the face of shorter time horizons.

You can download a copy of my Curriculum Vitae here.

As a bit of non-academic background, I was born and raised in the small town of Chauvin, located on the bayous of South Louisiana. I have several years of experience working in both state and local politics in Louisiana (through the Louisiana State Legislature and Lafayette Consolidated Government, respectively). If I am not researching state legislatures, you can usually find me waxing nostalgic about Louisiana cuisine, scrolling on Twitter to find new sneakers to buy, or speedrunning a video game… or probably a combination of all three.

  • American State Politics
  • American Political Institutions
  • Interest Group Politics
  • PhD in Political Science, 2024 (expected)

    University of Missouri

  • BA in Political Science and English Folklore, 2019

    University of Louisiana at Lafayette


University of Missouri

Future Courses (tentative)

  • American National Government, POLSC 1100, Spring 2024
  • Politics of the American South, POLSC 4170, Fall 2023
  • Politics of the American South, POLSC 4170, Summer 2023 (asynchronously)


  • Program Assessment & Improvement, PUB_AF 4420, Spring 2023
  • Politics of the American South, POLSC 4170, Fall 2022

Lab Instructor

  • Introduction to Political Research, POLSC 3000, Spring 2021 and Fall 2021
  • State Government, POLSC 2100, Fall 2020

Teaching Assistant

  • History of American Legislatures, POLSC 4141, Spring 2022
  • Congress and Legislative Policy, POLSC 4140, Spring 2022
  • Strategy and Warfare, POLSC 4412, Spring 2020
  • American National Government, POLSC 1100, Fall 2019

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